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  Frequently Asked Questions   

How Much Do You Charge? We have four packages to choose from, First ask yourself, How Much Should I Budget For My DJ? You will hear from other wedding professionals that you shouldn't skimp on their services, but it couldn't be more true for your DJ Entertainment. Considering that your DJ Entertainment will be responsible for over 75% of the success at your reception, you can see why choosing a FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL DJ like our company is the wisest choice. Your wedding already looks like a million bucks, so don't cut corners on the most important element that will make your reception an unforgettable experience. Professional rates for DJ Entertainment range from around $700-$2,500, with the average professional rate being around $1,000. There are less experienced and part-time DJs that may charge less, but when you have only one chance to do it right, why take the chance?

Is Your DJ Service Insured? Yes, Completely insured. Having a professional and reputable DJ service, we leave nothing to chance. Our liability insurance is for $1,000,000. and our equipment is also insured.
How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have? We have over 25 years experience. with over 2,000 performances to date. Your question is very important. But the question should be specific for your event such as; how many wedding receptions have you performed? Or how many certain birthdays, anniversaries, school dances etc.. have you performed? You must determine the exact area of experience you feel comfortable with. Please don't base your decision on just price alone, you will regret it later. If the price is to good to be true, it probably is!

How Interactive Are Your DJs? This is another great concern of all customers. The answer is simple: our DJs are as interactive as you want them to be. Every performance is different, you might want your DJ's to interact with the guests and be completely outgoing. (never stealing the spotlight.) you might want them to host/emcee at a more relaxed professional level. We could even be a giant radio, with minimal interaction. The Choice is yours! Just Remember your hiring a DJ for his knowledge of music to get your guests on the dance floor and make a lasting impression. Not a comedian, Some light humor is great, but it needs to be tasteful and at the right moment!

Can I Request A Specific DJ? Absolutely. If you have seen one of our DJs perform and you enjoyed his service, it is in our best interest to have him perform your event. However due to unforeseen circumstances, have a second choice or allow us to match you with a perfect entertainer should a particular entertainer fall ill or become unable to perform your event. This way there are no what if's on your special day.

Do You Take Breaks? One of the benefits of hiring a DJ Service rather than a live band is that your two DJ's from CD Entertainment will take alternating breaks if needed. So the entertainment is non stop, unlike a band who can be on break up to 15 minutes 4 times a night. Don't be fooled if some of the other DJ companies (that supply just one DJ.) claim they don't take breaks. Will The DJ Have To Use The Restroom? Maybe Get A Drink! (Non-Alcoholic I Hope.) I Know Some Could Use A Smoke Break! Then who is playing the music at the DJ booth? who is making the announcements? who is taking requests from your guests? One DJ, versus Two DJ's From CD Entertainment. Just something to think about!

Do You Have Backup Equipment? Our DJs will have equipment and lighting available to ensure the show keeps going. Our equipment and staff are very dependable. If something does fail, it can be easily fixed or switched without you and your guests even knowing. Having CD's on hand is a great backup to our PC systems. We even give you two DJ's. Now that is backup!

Will You Hold My Date? In the DJ industry, our dates are our inventory and therefore cannot be held without a contract and deposit. Even if you need time to decide which package suits you, simply call to request a contract. A deposit of one hour paid in advance will hold your date. The most important detail is that you secure your date with us. Then, we can help you find a package that fits your needs.

Why Do You Charge More For Weddings? This is the most asked question! At any other function the job that your DJ does is pretty straightforward. Come in, set up, play requests, interact with the crowd, tear down, and leave. Weddings, on the other hand, are incredibly more involved. Unless you've hired a wedding planner, your wedding DJ will be responsible for making sure everything goes as you've planned. Your photographer, the caterer, the venue staff, and your guests all look to your DJ to find out what is happening and when it is happening during your reception. It's often up to the DJ to make sure that all of the involved people are running on schedule as well as to make adjustments to the schedule and keep everyone updated when necessary. Your DJ is often also responsible for changes that may occur during the evening - when things don't go as planned, your DJ will step in and use his emcee skills to get things going in the right direction. Everyone from the two of you to your guests to the photographer to the caterer to the venue staff all rely on the DJ for information and guidance. Wedding DJs typically entertain four, five, or six hours or more. That's a full day not even taking into account the several hours of event preparation (reviewing the paperwork, preprogramming the play list, etc.), an hour for set-up and an hour for tear-down as well as travel time to and from your reception. Our DJs will typically spend a total of 8 to 10 hours "on the clock" not to mention the time the owner of the company puts in. Prior consultations, phone calls, consult with DJ's prior to reception Etc..

Does The DJ Expect Gratuity? While it is common to tip the entertainment industry, it is not mandatory. Our staff is paid from your fees. However, if your DJ exceeds your expectations and you wish to give gratuity, It would be considered extremely generous and taken as a great compliment.