LED Uplighting


 Uplighting is the art of painting with light to create a beautiful background. Lights are placed on the ground facing the wall or a certain area you would like to illuminate. Depending on the effect you desire, either a focused beam of light, a diffuse spread of color, a touch of color or lighting entire walls, you may pick which style fits the theme of your event as we help you coordinate the details.


 Washes of color - is the most popular effect to provide color or colors around the room. They can be either static (steady) or fade through colors at varying speeds. 

Beams of light - is a focused color on certain aspects of the room such as the cake, centerpieces, buffet, bar, dance floor, guests of honor etc... 

Under table lighting - can enhance a head table, cake table, DJ booth etc... Having white linens around the table(s) and placing a light or lights inside the table can add washes of color for that added touch.


 Architectural lighting - will set a mood inside or outside a venue. Placing lighting outside can be a very dramatic effect for a grand entrance or exit at the end of your occasion. 

When coming up with a budget for your event lighting, think of what will make a bigger visual impact on your guests and add that special touch to finish off all your hard work.